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Teenager speaks about the impact scars have had on her life

Posted: 20th July 2016
Teenager speaks about the impact scars have had on her life

'A TEENAGER who suffered severe burns as a toddler spoke movingly about the impact scars have had on her life at the launch of a major medical research campaign'.

'India Gale suffered 40 per cent burns to her body after her dress caught fire when she was three-years-old, leaving her with scars to her thighs, stomach, arms, neck and face'.

'India was at the launch of a new charity-led drive aimed at developing research which will find the methods needed to achieve scar-free healing within 30 years'.

'The UK-led initiative by the Scar Free Foundation will develop a programme which will help a number of conditions including military injuries, burns, surgery and scar-related diseases of major organs'.

'Consultant plastic surgeon at the Royal Free Hospital, London, Simon Withey, said: “It is a programme of research working towards a medical revolution which is as important as the discovery of antibiotics or the development of modern anaesthetics."

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