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You have truly re-started my life with your creativity, skill, humanity and artistic sensitivity.


Wow! What fantastic aftercare service. Thank you for being so helpful and for making every step to my surgery date an easy one. Your care and personal touch are second to none.


I just wanted to let you know how absolutely thrilled I have been with the outcome of the surgery you carried out on my eyes, nose and chin a few months are a miracle worker! A few weeks after the surgery I started a new job and despite living on a few hours sleep, I don't look continually exhausted which is truly wonderful. The other great aspect is that - just as you predicted - people haven't even realised that I've had the surgery! I've just had numerous comments about looking well and that my hair looks nice (!!!) without the true change being spotted - couldn't be better!! So this is a huge thank you - I greatly appreciate what you have achieved.


I write in order to express my deepest thanks to you for performing my surgery. The results of which have made me very happy. Although the decision for me was not a difficult one, you and your team have made it the best one.


Thank you so much. I think you are a genius (technical and artistic)! I don't know what you did or how you did it, and it was in fact not how I thought it would be, but it is great. You have made me very happy. I wish I had done this year ago, but I have to think that I wouldn't have had you as my surgeon if I had. I selected you on pure intuition alone. It wasn't a "rational" decision (which is unlike me), but, oh, it was the right decision! No one else would have given me such a result. You are fantastically skilled as a surgeon. P.S. I hope my nose stays exactly as it is now, and doesn't change over these next months otherwise I will be back to you for you to fix it! Ha!


Words cannot express the gratitude I feel for all you have done for me. Wonderful 'invisible mending' and the greatest post-operative care. You all helped make a traumatic experience as painless as possible.


This is a long overdue note to thank you so much for the wonderful surgery you performed on me. I am absolutely thrilled with the results. No longer do I look old and weary, and this has given me great happiness and confidence for future challenges! Thank you also for accommodating me at a very busy time for yourself, and for the hours you spent on me in theatre. I must add that my husband is very pleased with his new young looking wife!


Simon Withey's work is immaculate and that of artist and I would absolutely recommend him to anyone looking for an approachable, talented surgeon who will do a great job.


From the first consultation with Mr. Withey, through to the 2 month post surgery follow up, I felt confident, relaxed and completely assured that I was in the best possible hands. He is a kind, unaffected and charming man with a lovely manner and explained everything to me perfectly.


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