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GMC Guidance for Doctors who offer Cosmetic Interventions

Posted: 22nd July 2015
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Mr. Withey recently sat on the GMC advisory panel to discuss their new recommendations about guidance for all doctors who offer cosmetic interventions to patients. It aims to help doctors understand the standards the GMC expect from them, in order that they give patients the excellent standard of care and treatment that they are entitled to. It may also help patients and the public to understand what to expect from their doctors, in circumstances where patients may be particularly vulnerable and in need of additional support.

Some of the points raised were that the GMC expect doctors offering cosmetic interventions to…

  • Seek their patient’s consent themselves, rather than delegate
  • Make sure patients are given enough time and information, before they decide whether to have a cosmetic intervention
  • Consider their patients’ psychological needs and if necessary seek expert advice from colleagues
  • Make sure patients have the information they want or need, including a discharge letter that supports continuity of care and includes relevant information about the medicines or devices used
  • Market their services responsibly, wihout making unjustifiable claims about interventions, trivialising the risks involved, or using promotional tactics that might encourage people to make ill-considered decisions. 


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